Advertising in the Technology World

Advertising before the Information and Technology age

Old school Media:  Advertising pre the Generation Y age

Do you remember those days when you would dance even laugh after remembering the entertaining sound of a funny but appealing radio or TV advert? Even Print media was so captivating, hilarious and also very original, with a lasting impression that even I could definitely go and buy the product the next day even if I still had some supplies!

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1980s Radio                                           Whitechapel Station, newspaper sellers 1988

For me advertising before the internet was so powerful in that it had meaning, was appealing, not to mention entertaining!

Advertising agencies took time to produce quality and creative advertisements because they understood how to communicate their messages to their audiences. In my opinion, advertising campaigns then were not hurriedly done as compared to the internet age where most businesses seem to be advertising to maintain their corporate image and publicity through the internet especially social media.

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“Old school v New School”

The advertising industry’s limited past;

The slow arrival of new technology was itself a limitation to the advertising industry, for example, a developing country like Zimbabwe, the mobile phone and internet usage only started in the late 1990s. Inaccessibility and unavailability of information were the main disadvantages of lack new technology then. This meant that the industry had to rely only on a few traditional platforms of TV, Radio, Print and outdoor; this is now just a thing of the past!

What has then happened to advertising, apart from the spiralling cost and lack of creativity?, Surely a massive revolution has taken place since then. Shall we then take a blame new technology for the lack of meaning, creativity or originality let alone relevance of most advertisements nowadays especially TV adverts, or shall we embrace Technology for bringing new ways of communication?

In my next entry, I will focus on How Technology has enhanced Advertising; New Media platforms and the advantages of new Technology.

James Gava


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Advertising in the Technology World

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